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Young Love Pendant / Charm 3d Model

Young Love Pendant / Charm 3d Model

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Both figures have a slight arch or beveled edge to help give the piece as a whole a larger visual appearance. This helps the light smoothly bend around the charm while in motion.

The piece measures about 32mm high x 23mm wide. Which is a good range for a larger sized charm or more delicate sized pendant.

We also made the model about 2.5mm thick, in the hopes this will make adjusting the thickness easier, whether it be by scaling digitally or filing and shaping in resin. Or you can use the thickness as is. We just want the option to be there. Rather is be more versatile than too thin and unusable.

Included in the file is the stl and obj files and the file being downloaded is a .zip file.

If you'd like for us to print, cast, and/or finish a ring please reach out to us; it's no problem at all. We just need to know a few details (ie. size, metal type, karat, metal color, stones, etc.) to get started.

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