3d Printing

With the use of our custom built SLA 3D Printers we are able to print or grow highly detailed and precise models. All prints have a consistent and smooth finish; requiring less clean up for your jeweler. The material used for printing is an advanced resin solution that, once cured, is perfectly fine for casting or plating.

Our printers are able to print up to 100mm (4') x 75mm (3”) x 200mm (8”).
With a layer thickness of less than .1mm (0.00393”)

File Types
Our software accepts the majority of the traditional exporting file types. For straight printing (.STL) files are preferred. If you have questions about your files please contact us.

To receive a free quote please Contact Us to send your images and ideas. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.


3d Print Texas Class Ring  3d Printed Multi Gemstone Pendant

3d Printed Clasp Ring Guard  3d Printed Diamond Cocktail Ring