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Vintage Style Scroll and Illusion Setting Ring 3d Model

Vintage Style Scroll and Illusion Setting Ring 3d Model

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Each part of the model, including scroll work, settings, prongs, and shank are separate and can be moved / adjusted to fit new size stones.

The back of the shank is your standard squared off shank making it easier to resize in resin or software.

The crown pattern only stretches about half way around the ring before transitioning into the lower half of the shank. This leaves enough of a sizing stock to easily be sized after printing.

The current ring measures 7mm wide at the top and 4mm wide at the bottom. Giving enough extra material to account for shrinkage and clean up after printing and casting.

The model tapers from about 1.8mm – 2mm thick at the top down to 1.4mm in the back. But like all our models all this can easily be adjusted in software.

The file being downloaded is a .zip file and contains the stl and obj file file ready to be sprued and printed.

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