Two Tone Cluster Ring Yellow and White Gold Casting

Two Tone Cluster Ring Yellow and White Gold Casting

Not too long ago we posted a clip of a two tone cluster ring we designed for a client’s customer. Well, the customer came back wanting to have another one made, but in a different finger size.

This order was also cast using their metal and both parts came out really well, which is great, because some of the metal provided was not the best. From here the ring will be pieced together just like the previous one. The white gold cluster will fit flush, and will rest on the inner lip of the yellow gold shank. For those who didn’t see the previous video, that lip is there to make soldering easier for their jewelers. By adding the lip in the frees up how much needs to be held in place either by hand or a 3rd arm. It also keep the top plate in place and minimizes the chance of the part moving or falling while soldering.

Other than that, our part is done. Their jewelers will be finishing the ring and setting the diamonds the customer picked out. If you are are looking to have a ring made that can be re ordered time and time again contact us today!

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