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Textured Medallion Pendant 3d Model

Textured Medallion Pendant 3d Model

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The medallion style pendant has a nugget textured pattern in the center. Easily can be left blank or any symbol or initials can be added to personalize the piece.

Along with the nugget pattern, a ring of beads has been placed within the center circle to balance out the texture with the outer rings of the rest of the design. Once high polished the beads will also provide a nice contrast in shine compared to the textured backdrop.

The distance is just a hair under 1mm wide giving enough room for clean up and polishing.

From the inner ring connecting to the outer ring are 8 posts with 8 accents raised up .5mm on the outer ring. These elements are visual interests and help keep the viewers gaze within the pendant.

The bail included will take up to a 4.5mm wide chain but can easily be removed from the model before slicing if you'd like to solder one on after casting.

The file being downloaded is a .zip file and contains the stl and obj files ready to be sprued and printed.

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