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Small Round and Baguette Diamond Cross Casting

Small Round and Baguette Diamond Cross Casting

Here is the casting for another diamond cross we recreated for a client’s customer. On the left is our casting and on the right is the customer’s original cross. The customer wanted to create an almost exact copy of their original cross, which we were able to design spot on.

The only difference is the that some of the new diamonds aren’t the same sizes; some were smaller and some were larger. However we modeled the new cross to account for this and even side by side it the two look pretty much identical.

If you view the video, we also left the cross attached to the casting tree. This is done for those who are curious how the sprue our pieces, as this really isn’t a step that a lot of places show off. However, this will be removed by their jewelers during the cleaning process and the final piece will look just like the customer’s original.

If you are looking to have a custom pendant made or recreated contact us today!

Use the link below to view the video for a closer look at this piece:

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