Princess Cut Amethyst Filigree Ring Casting

Princess Cut Amethyst Filigree Ring Casting

Here is a princess faux filigree ring we helped our client design for one of their customers. They were wanting a similar vintage style filigree ring as their original, but set with a princess cut amethyst. They were also wanting the ring to be larger, thicker and have that sleek modern look.

This change was done really because their original ring was made paper thin and over the years the filigree work started to break away from the ring. For the new design we kept the same patterns overall, but some areas needed slight adjustment. This was simply due to the shape of the new ring.

For designs like this we send screen shots of the model and then images of the prints for the customers to see. That way the customer can make any changes before casting. Sometimes it can take a few revisions, but for this order we were able to nail exactly what they customer was wanting on the first go; they were thrilled with the new look.

At the moment we just have the amethyst resting in the mounting, but really the ring is 90% complete. Our client’s jewelers will be setting the stone, adding the final polish, and the ring will be finished. This should be a quick turn around.

If you are looking to have a modern ring designed based off an old piece or a vintage styling contact us today.
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