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Non Shrink Rubber Mold of Mans Plain Band

Non Shrink Rubber Mold of Mans Plain Band

Like we’ve shown off before not every order is for something detailed or custom made. A lot of the time it’s for piece such as this, molding a band for a store so they can continue to reproduce the item.

For this order the store sent over the ring you see on top of the rubber mold. They had already sprued and cast the ring, so we left it as it. Sprueing at the top instead is not something we’d typically do or recommend, but that’s how they had it. If the sprue was added along the bottom of the shank that would give more metal to work with while cleaning, polishing, or sizing if needed.

The new ring and mold came out just like they wanted, so the store was happy. The rubber mold material we use is as close to non shrinking as possible so each new ring they make with the mold should be close the original. Which is great, because it was already pretty thing from the get go.

If you store is looking to have rubber mold made of any of your items or designs contact us today!

Use the link below to view the video for a closer look at this piece:

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