Miami Dolphins Helmet Pendant 3d Print and Casting

Miami Dolphins Helmet Pendant 3d Print and Casting

Here is a Miami Dolphin’s helmet we laid out, printed, and cast for a client’s customer. Their customer wanted to create a pendant in the old helmet style, but in a specific size and measurements. They also wanted a texture added to the back of the helmet instead of having it high polished and smooth.

The cast was done in 14k yellow gold, using the customer’s metal, and was cast from the same print shown at the start of the video. I wanted to show off the print and how it was sprued to help those those who are curious how to sprue a part such as this. It also displays how clean our casting turn out from 3d prints.

For this order we were only asked to design, print, and cast the pendant. Our client’s jewelers will be finishing the piece. However, for the most part its about 90% completed. A final polish will be done and then colored enamel will be added within the logo.

If you have a customer who is looking to have a custom piece of jewelry created feel free to reach out.
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