Matching Gents Cluster Ring Casting Custom Made

Matching Gents Cluster Ring Casting Custom Made

Here is a gents cluster ring we helped a client’s customer make over in Georgia. The customer’s original ring is on the left, on the right is a ring out of our client’s showcase, and the casting of our new design is at the bottom.

The customer wanted to have their diamonds set into almost an identical ring. The only difference was the ring from the showcase is solid and the customer wanted their to be hollow. One to have the ring lighter and more comfortable to wear but also to help keep the weight down to save on cost. The customer did also did add two small bezel set diamonds on each side of the shank. But overall the rings match as close as possible.

In order to get the ring to be hollow, since it was being cast,t he head needed to be printed and cast separately. Their jewelers will then solder it on to the shank before setting. We also added a small lip along the inside, just below the surface. This gives something for the head to rest on making soldering quicker and easier.

If you have a customer who is looking to update their ring our have their diamonds set into a new custom design feel free to contact us today.

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