Man's Two Tone Wedding Band 3d Print and Casting

Man's Two Tone Wedding Band 3d Print and Casting

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Here is the 3d print and casting of a man’s wedding band we designed for a client. The ring is going to be two tone when it’s finished. But the band is being cast in 14k yellow gold and the center plate will be rhodium plated. Within the center plate 9- 2.5mm round brilliant cut diamonds are going to be set and once it’s rhodium plated it will really make the diamonds stand out.

The ring was custom made for one our client’s showcases. They were looking for some different a new to stand out among the usual items they sell and keep in stock. It was also cast using their metal.

However, unfortunately, the video of the casting seemed to have become corrupted? We aren't sure what happened. But there is a image of the casting towards the end of the clip along with a rendering.

If you are looking to have a custom piece made for your showcase, shop, or studio feel free to contact us today.

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