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Man's Nugget Textured Pattern Signet Ring 3d Model

Man's Nugget Textured Pattern Signet Ring 3d Model

Here is the model and a couple of renderings of nugget textured style signet ring we designed for a customer. They were wanting a signet ring with a top diameter about the size of a US nickle, which is around 20mm. Instead of having it plain or having something engraved within the top they were wanting a nugget texture that smoothly blended into the rest of the shank.

Something most customer’s do not realize is that texture work is actually very personal. It’s really not something one thinks about until the piece is shown. Often times the first pattern shown doesn’t click and it can take a few revisions to find the right style and pattern, and this ring was no different. After a few updates and changes this is the pattern the customer feel in love with.

For this ring we were only asked to help design the ring and create the model. The customer was going to print the ring themselves and have it finished locally. If you are looking to have a custom signet ring designed contact us today.


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