Man's 14k Two Tone Diamond Gents Ring

Man's 14k Two Tone Diamond Gents Ring

Here is a two tone channel set gents ring we design for a client. Their customer had an original ring in this same style that they wanted to match, but too just have everything larger. Like a larger shank, a larger plate, more diamonds, thicker bars, etc.

The 18 stones that are shown along the bottom are the customer’s diamonds that are going to be set within the ring. Our client’s jewelers are going to be finishing and setting the piece , but the stones were sent out to us to be able to measure in order to check the fitting in between print and casting.

Other than the size, everything is pretty much one to one to the original. The only detail we did change was adding 4 short posts on the underside of the shank. These are used so that the top plate can be fit flush into place to make soldering easier.

If you are looking to have a customer gent’s ring or signet ring designed contact us today.

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