Ladies University of Texas Class Ring Custom Ring Guard

Ladies University of Texas Class Ring Custom Ring Guard

Here is a custom ring guard we designed for a client over in Texas. Actually, the ladies class ring on the left is one that we designed, printed, and cast years ago. Our client set and finished the piece and you can see how well the ring has held up after all this time.

The customer returned to have a ring guard made which will have 34 diamonds set, that’s 17 in each band, outlining their original class ring. At the moment the class ring just rests on the casting. This is because the ring guard is still attached to the sprues. Once it’s clipped off the guard wont be as tight and the two fit together perfectly. There should be almost not adjustments needed by our client’s jewelers.

It’s great to see older pieces we’ve help created come back across our benches and see how well the pieces are holding up. If you are looking to have a ring guard, enhancer, or joined shadow bands (really this style goes by different names) feel free to contact us today ! We can make matching bands for just about any ring style.  

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