Ladies Initial Signet Ring 3d Print and Casting

Ladies Initial Signet Ring 3d Print and Casting

Here we have the 3d print and yellow gold casting for a ladies initial style signet ring we designed for a store over in Georgia. Their customer was wanting to create a signet ring with the letter S in an Old English style font; then to have two rounded infinity symbols on each side. They basically wanted the S as large as possible, but to stay in proportion with the rest of the ring.

The customer ended up loving the rendered images we had sent out after finishing the model. So we were able to move straight in to casting.  Which you'll be able to see in the second half of the video. The ring was cast in 14k yellow gold, was cast using their metal, and came out great. The casting shown is pretty much straight from the pickle. We did clipped the button off and gave the surface a quick buff to check for any porosity, but everything came out great.

We’ve already  shipped the casting out. The ring is pretty much finished. All that's left to do is pre-polish the ring and for their jewelers to add the final finish the customer is looking to achieve.

If you are looking to have a custom signet ring designed no matter how simple or detailed contact us today. We can create just about anything you can imagine.

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