Ladies Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Casting

Ladies Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Casting

Here is a 14k white gold casting we did for a client over in Georgia. Their customer was wanting to create a halo engagement ring based around their diamonds.  They wanted the main focus of the ring to be the stones, and went with an open basket style under gallery instead of any fancy scroll work or side diamonds.

In the center a 7mm x 5mm oval gemstone is gong to be set, and 12 -2mm round diamonds are going to accent the center stone. Then, finally, wrapping about half way around the shank 12 – 2.5mm round cut diamonds are also going to be set.

For the casting, it was done using their metal and you can see how well it came out. Not many places will cast using yours' or your customer's metal. It really comes down to they either just wont or don’t know how. However, it’s a technique we’ve perfected over the years and it’s great because it allows the customer to save good amount of money as no additional metal has to be ordered.

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