Ladies Bangle Bracelet Casting

Ladies Bangle Bracelet Casting

Here’s the final casting for a yellow bracelet and the white gold clasp that we have been custom making for a client. For this bracelet, the customer had made several changes during the designing process as they worked through trying to create what they were imagining.

At first they wanted a plain band and just the center stone from their ring to be set into the bracelet, however by the end the bracelet design and using just the center stone had changed to wanting the whole top of their ring to become part of the bracelet.

We actually ended up using one of the first prints from the second bracelet layout and built up the new setting in wax at the bench. Now the top rests perfectly in place and will be an easy set for their jewelers. The hinge and clasp these were also custom made in order to get the bracelet to the size, shape, and weight the customer wanted.

For us, our part is complete. Their jewelers will be finishing up the piece. It’ll need a good filing and cleaning before polishing, which is why in some area is may look a little rough. We didn’t buff the bracelet beforehand like we normally do because it’s pretty thin, so it still has that post casting surface. We also left the top setting untouched to give their jewelers as much metal to work with when soldering.

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