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Ladies 7 Stone Band 14k Yellow Gold Casting

Ladies 7 Stone Band 14k Yellow Gold Casting

Here is the 14k yellow gold casting for a ladies 7 stone band we made for a client’s customer. The band was  designed made using the customer’s diamonds, metal, and sketch. They knew exactly what they wanted and already had a rough sketch with measurements for the ring. Which was great because it meant their order had a quicker turn around compared to those who requested multiple revisions and sample renderings. The latter isn’t worse, just sometimes requesting to see too many options can get over whelming after a while. 

Our client’s jewelers will be setting and finishing the ring and once completed it’s going to look stunning with the quality diamonds they had. This customer was just looking to make a piece that was elegant and could be worn daily. And really a 5 or 7 stone ring such as this is perfect.

Custom pieces doesn’t always have to ice’d out or outlandish in design, it’s a reflection of the wearer’s style and is actually more personal than some realize. Which is what makes turning their ideas into a reality all the more enjoyable. If you are looking to have a custom ring design feel free to reach out and thanks for watching!


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