Impression of Blessed Ring

Impression of Blessed Ring

Here is an impression of a blessed initial or phrase ring we made for a client’s customer. The rubber mold material we use is non shrinkable and reproduces an exact replica of the original. Which you can see here by viewing the two side by side. The customer’s original ring is on the left and the new casting is on the right. The ring is straight from the flask so it still does have some investment down in the letters.

There was a little wax work that needed to be done after molding to make the shank a tad thicker, but for the most part it’s just like the original. Since this client had sent a little bit more metal as back up than what was needed we ended up casting a second one for them to be able to choose from. This is just better than sending back a ball or a casting base.

If you are looking to have an impression made feel free to contact us today.

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