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High Fashion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

High Fashion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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The ring has a stair stepping double halo design paired with a scalloped double row shank.

The ring can be set with a 6mm round center stone, 40- 1.1mm rounds in the halo plates, and 56-1.5mm rounds in the shank.

All the stones are set to be shaired prong set, but in the shank the prongs have been left wider to allow the jeweler to set a wider range of stones if needed. The smaller outter rectangle prongs along with the large circular prong in the middle can all easily be groove and shaped into the correct size prong once in metal.

The inside has also been hollowed out to help keep the weight down.

The current model is set to a US finger size 6.25, but with the smooth shank is easily size in 3d software.

Included in the file is the stl and obj files and the file being downloaded is a .zip file.

f you'd like for us to print, cast, and/or finish a ring please reach out to us; it's no problem at all. We just need to know a few details (ie. finger size, karat / metal color, stones, etc.) to get started.

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