Hand Carved Truck Pendant Impression (Rubber Mold)

Hand Carved Truck Pendant Impression (Rubber Mold)

Here is another non shrinkable rubber mold we made for a client. This order was to make an exact copy of their original pendant and cast in a higher quality yellow gold. You should be able to see difference of the two metals side by side.

The new pendant came out great. It’s the same measurements as the original and still has that worn look and all the imperfections that the original had. The cast you see here is pretty much right out of the flask. We just clipped the sprues off, tossed it in the pickle, and then a quick tumble to help knock off any excess investment stuck down in the smaller detailed areas.

If you are looking to have an rubber mold made of a piece contact us today. We can make an impression of just about anything.

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