Fishtail Style White Gold Wedding Bands Casting

Fishtail Style White Gold Wedding Bands Casting

Here are a pair of Fishtail style wedding bands we designed for a client’s customer over in Texas. Overall both are your more traditional straight bands, however the customer wanted a particular style of setting for their diamonds. This setting style is called a fishtail, which differs from a scalloped setting as it's a blend of a share prong set and a pave set.

The prongs are laid out in such a way that when the stones are put in place their jeweler will make a bright cut in the middle of the metal giving it the appearance of two prongs. Up close the single prong will fan out like a rounded V or a fishtail. Which is where it gets its name.

It might be hard to see in the clip, but we did add very subtle recessed V between each prong to giver their jewelers a quick guide to make setting quicker and easier.

If you are looking to have a custom wedding band made contact us today. For anything else feel free to ask. Always happy to help!

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