Duplicated Yellow Gold Cross Casting

Duplicated Yellow Gold Cross Casting

Here is the casting for a cross we helped a client duplicate for their customer. The customer’s original cross is on the right and they were wanting the same cross remade, but in yellow gold and using slightly different sized diamonds.

The casting was also done using their metal and we left it attached to the sprue to help those who are curious how we go about setting up our casting trees. Then along the back of the tree is the bail for the pendant; which was also cast from the same 3d print. These are kept separate as it’s easier to solder them on after the fact than keeping them attached while casting.

Overall both pieces are fairly close in dimension. Really the only change we did was to make the prongs a bit taller and wider to make setting quicker and easier.

If you are looking to have a piece replicated or are looking to have a custom cross designed contact us today!
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