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Diamond Swirl Pendant 3d Model

Diamond Swirl Pendant 3d Model

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Here is our diamond swirl pendant 3d model. This pendant is the same pattern as our diamond swirl ring and both were designed to be paired together.

The pendant measures about 45mm high x 17mm wide x 3mm thick. Certain parts of the swirl are thicker and thinner so overall the thickness does vary, but from the widest points is about 3mm thick. This is not including the bail, if the bail is included the thickness is about 6.8mm.

For the bail it measures 10mm x 7mm x 6.7mm and can take up to a 4mm wide chain. The internal thickness of the bail is about 1mm. The surface does have a slight dome so it's a tad thicker, but after printing and cleaning (just like our print from the photo) it comes out to around 1mm. Both the pendant and bail are separate within the file. Which allows the pieces to be printed individually or to print the design without the bail so a jump ring can be added or a different one can be soldered on after casting.

Included in the file is the stl and obj files and the file being downloaded is a .zip file.

We’ve designed this model to be printed on a wide range of 3d printers given it has the micron level to print the detail. These could range from entry level to high end printers. We test printed the piece here on an Anycubic and one of our B9 series printers. Both printed the model without issue.

If you'd like for us to print, cast, and/or finish a ring please reach out to us; it's no problem at all. We just need to know a few details (ie. finger size, karat / metal color, stones, etc.) to get started.

Digital models are perfect for individuals and jewelry stores alike. If you're someone who is wanting a piece custom made, picking up a digital model is a great way to save money. You can either have us or have a local store print / make the piece. If you're a store, having a collection of ready made printable files is perfect for filling out a showcase with unique designs not mass produced in wholesale catalogs.

By downloading our digital item you are agreeing to our Terms and Service. All digital purchases made from Moore’s Jewelers,, and our 3rd party retail sites may not be resold, redistributed, or reuploaded by any party other than Moore’s Jewelers. Purchasing the digital file provides the rights to make and/or distribute physical versions of the item(s). It does not provide the rights to resale and/or distribute the digital file.

There are no returns for files that have been downloaded. If you have purchased a file by mistake and have not downloaded it please contact us.

If you have any questions or experience any issue do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help!
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