Dade County Championship 8 Ball Signet Ring 3d Mode

Dade County Championship 8 Ball Signet Ring 3d Mode

Here is the 3d model of an 8 Ball signet ring we designed for a customer. They were wanting a championship ring in a particular style with their logo and county included within the piece. The top of the ring measures 18mm x 17mm and the model has been laid out in a way that makes it easy to be resides either after printing or digitally. This gives the customer the option to make additional finger sizes if needed.

Throughout the ring we added a textured back drop to help break up the different polished surfaces after it’s finished. The texture also helps if they plan to add an enameling as this gives something for the enamel to bind to rather than a smooth flat surface.

For this ring we only did the 3d model, they will be printing, casting, and finishing the ring.

If you are looking to have a custom signet ring made contact us today!

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