Custom South Carolina Symbol Pendant 3d Print and Casting

Custom South Carolina Symbol Pendant 3d Print and Casting

Here is the 3d print and yellow gold casting for a pendant we made for a client’s customer. The design is from a pendant that the customer already had. It’s the state symbol for South Carolina here in the US, and their original pendant did have South Carolina written along the bottom.

However, the customer was looking to create the same pendant, but without the South Carolina text. They also wanted to have their personal diamonds set into the piece.The placement for the diamonds were picked out by our client and their customer. Not sure why the stones were placed where the were but that’s how the customer wanted them.

We've shipped out the casting and our client’s jewelers will be finishing the pendant. The only work that’s left to do besides setting and polishing, is to finalize the tree. We ended up leaving the texture kind of faint. This was done because it was meant to be more of a guide for their jeweler as they were going to be adding in bright cuts at the end to help the final pendant look closer to their original.

 For those who don't know a bright cut is a technique where the jeweler engraves or cuts away the metal to give the grooves a certain finish or shine. The raw metal has a different look than when high polished. This can only be achieved by hand, not by modeling or casting.

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