Custom Made Wasp Brooch 3d Model and Print

Custom Made Wasp Brooch 3d Model and Print

Here’s the model and print of another insect piece we designed for the same customer over in California. This brooch was designed to resemble the profile side of a wasp, however a bit more abstracted to keep the same theming and similar design elements as the brooches

Again like the other pieces the design was based around the stones.  And for this one, it was the 11- 6mm x 4mm oval cut gemstones. The rest of the settings are going to be set with diamonds, however the oval cuts are what the customer wanted to be the main focus.

These wings were also going to be filled in with colored enamel after casting. However the coloring hadn’t been picked out during the time we worked on the piece , but it was going to be something that complimented the stones.

If you have a wild or unique design you’d like to have created into a piece of jewelry contact us today!

We do know that overall the design does not really resemble a traditional wasp. These insect pieces were the customer's designs that we helped them create. The customer always referred to this order as the wasp, insect facing left, or the wasp with butterfly wings. This is why we stuck with calling it a wasp. We figured they had pulled inspiration from various insects to create something unique; either way the final piece is really interesting and for jewelry/art that's the goal.

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