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Custom Made Dragonfly Brooch 3d Model and 3d Print

Custom Made Dragonfly Brooch 3d Model and 3d Print

Here is another brooch from the insect collection we designed for the customer over in California. This brooch was inspired by a dragonfly and pulls various elements for all the different types. Like most of the other pieces in this collection the whole brooch was designed around a center opal, and in this case it will be set in the center for the body. The open areas of the wings are also going to be filled will colored enamel and all the small stones are going to be brilliant cut round diamonds. The diamonds range in size from 3mm down to 2mm.

Overall the whole piece measures about 116mm high x 72mm wide. For most of these orders we only did the modeling and printing. I believe the pieces were going into production and were scheduled to be cast in Hong Kong and then set in India.

If you are looking to have a piece custom made feel free to reach out to us. We can create just about anything you can imagine and are always more than happy to help!


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