Custom Made Dragonfly Brooch 3d Model and 3d Print

Custom Made Dragonfly Brooch 3d Model and 3d Print

Here is the 3d model and 3d print of one of the dragonfly brooches we helped a customer over in California create a couple of years ago. All of these designs were for the customer’s collection focused around insects. We’ve shown off a few of the pieces before, but ended up finding clips of all the designs we made and wanted to show them off.

For these we just did the modeling and printing. From there the prints were shipped to Hong Kong for casting and assembly and then shipped to Italy for finishing and setting. These pieces were to be set with gemstones varying in size and shape and then within the wings transparent color enamel was going to be added.

This dragon fly brooch ended up measuring about 122mm wide x 74 mm tall and is going to be set with 61 various sized gemstones. Towards the end of the video is a clip of the 3d print. This was taken before we started doing vertical videos, but still shows off how well it came out.

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