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Custom Made Diamond Ring Guards Casting

Custom Made Diamond Ring Guards Casting

Here is a pair of ring guards with designed for a client’s customer. The bands were designs based around the shape of the customer’s original ring and their diamonds. In total 24 round diamonds were used of the customers ranging from about 3mm down to 2.2mm.

For this order the customer’s original ring was not shipped out to us for fitting, which is not a problem, but in it’s absence images and detailed measurements were provided. This allows us to model a base ring to then build the two guards to make sure they will fit as close as possible.

If you are a looking to have a pair of matching bands, a ring guard, wedding band, or really any type of matching ring designed feel free to reach out. Nothing needs to be shipped out as long as images and measurements can be provided.

Use the link below to view the video for a closer look at this piece:

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