Custom Made Butterfly Brooch 3d Model and 3d Print

Custom Made Butterfly Brooch 3d Model and 3d Print

Here’s the another brooch we made for same insect collection. This piece was based on a butterfly, which I guess it pretty obvious by the shape, but some of the pieces we will be showing off are a bit more abstracted. For this design the whole model was based around the oval opal gemstone which will be set as the lower body or tail of the butterfly.

The stone itself measures 19mm high x 8.5mm wide x 6m thick. Which brought the measurements of the whole brooch to approximately 124mm wide x 75mm high or about 5 inches x 3 inches.

Just like the other it’s also going to be set with various sized diamonds and gemstones as well as having colored enamel added within the openings of the wings.

For the first half of the video the model is shown with and without the stones and towards the end we have a clip of the 3d print to show how well all the details came out. Apologies it was taken back before we started doing vertical videos, but still does a pretty good job at displaying the print.

If you are looking to have a custom piece of jewelry created feel free to contact us today.

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