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Custom GFWC Georgia Pin

Custom GFWC Georgia Pin

Here is a pin we make for the GFWC every couple of years over in Georgia. The top title changes from year to year and this year’s pin was given out to their Past Jr Director. The center emblem is provided by them which we attach to the Georgia silhouette backing that we design, print, and cast in sterling silver.

This is a design we worked with them years ago to create and since the original model was made digitally it helps keeps the cost down for all future orders. Unless the title or size needs changing / adjusting there is no need for a whole new modeling charge.

For the piece itself, a few other details we add is a turn polish along the back to just give the pin a bit of extra character and we also add a matching enamel backing to title to bring the whole piece together.

If you, or if you have an organization or company that is looking to have a piece custom made feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to help!

To view a video of the pin visit our youtube channel:

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