Custom Diamond Slide Pendant 14k Yellow Gold Casting

Custom Diamond Slide Pendant 14k Yellow Gold Casting

Here is the casting for a diamond slide pendant we designed for a client’s customer in Texas. The pendant was designed around using their stones, but the overall styling and shape was picked by the customer. This is the size pendant that is perfect for everyday wear and the classic front on profile lends itself to easily being paired with any attire. The 4 scrolls that wrap around within the gallery give the piece that extra character and gives the pendant a more vintage feel.

Within the pendant 17 round diamonds are going to be set. From a 5mm center stone, 2- 2.5mm in the bail, and 14-1.3mm in the halo. Once the diamonds are set they will be the main focal point and the yellow gold will really help elevate the stones color and luster.

While are client’s jewelers will be finishing the pendant. Towards the end of the video are a couple of the rendered images to see roughly how the final piece will look. These are some of the same images we sent their customer before printing the model.

If you are looking to have a custom pendant created or really any piece of jewelry made contact us today.

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