Casting for TSA Monogram Signet Ring

Casting for TSA Monogram Signet Ring

Here is the casting for the monogram TSA ring we showed off not too long ago. You might notice that the text has been changed from the print. After casting the first one we weren’t fond of the layout in metal and decided to go back and make a few tweaks. We ended up moving around some of the smaller curls / overlaps to help fill the space more and separated the bottom left of the A to help readability. Overall minor adjustments, but we think this new layout is better visually and easier to make out from a distance.

The cast you see now is right out of the flask so there is still a little bit of investment left in the lettering, but that’ll be removed before finishing.

At the end of the clip here there is a photo of the final ring. This was done for the same client as the cross over ring and they have always been happy to send images of the final piece. Again not the most in in focus photo, but does a good job showing of the different finishes and texturing that was added at the bench by their jewelers.

If you are looking to have a monogram signet ring custom made contact us today.

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