3d Printed Sun and Moon Pendant

3d Printed Sun and Moon Pendant

Here is the 3d print a star and moon pendant we have been working on. This is a design we’ve been asked to make several times before, some with stones, some plain, and some with specific custom changes that are personal to the customer. It’s a pretty popular symbol that has been around as long as we can remember, so we’ve been trying to put our own spin on it that would make for a perfect everyday necklace.

This so far has been the best in terms of overall size, but the pattern and texture is still lacking. At the moment if this piece was finished and polished the surface would all have one shine and be pretty one note. Would lack character and that attention grabbing factor. Back to the drawing board!

Just wanted to show off that even when we design a piece to be sold it still does through the same process as our custom pieces. Some times an idea never comes to light or has dozens of trial designs before a final is decided upon.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help.
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