3d Printed Rasta Skull Pendant

3d Printed Rasta Skull Pendant

Here is our 3d print of a Rasta Skull pendant. This model is not one of our designs. This was printed, cleaned, and cured this for a customer. The only change we made from the original model was scaling and making minor adjustments so it could be printed larger to make the final piece around 2” x 2”

Overall the print came out great and all the intricate details printed without a problem. For this order we were only asked to print, clean, and cure the model. Finishing the pendant is going to be done by our customer.

If you have a model you’d like to have printed contact us today. We can print just about any thing, only size is a factor. The largest model we can print is about 7”. Since we are a jewelry studio our printers are set up for higher levels of detail. This is achieved by using a smaller and more dense print area, but does limit the size we are able to print. Just one of the trade offs.

Follow up video:

Here is another 3d print of the same Rasta Skull Pendant. However, after inspecting and correcting the original model that was sent to us, the print you see came out correctly. Now Here is a clip of the previous video. You’ll notice that the top left leaf is missing. Again this was the customer’s model and with the first print we made it to the size they wanted, added supports, and printed it. We did notice the leaves weren’t symmetrical but that’s how it printed and now in hindsight we should have questioned it, so that’s on us.

However, we did send the customer multiple photos of the first print before shipping. The customer approved the print, which confirmed to us that’s what they wanted, so we shipped it out. Once delivered the customer reached out complaining the print was broken and honestly instead of going back and forth we just apologies, offered to give them a refund and were going to ship them out the print you see here at no charge.

But the customer starting getting short with us so we processed the refund and they stopped all communication. Just wanted to make a follow up video if anyone was wondering why the first print turned out the way it did. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out or leave us a comment, we’re more than happy to help in anyway we can.

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