3d Printed Prinles Polonie (Princess Polonie) Signet Ring

3d Printed Prinles Polonie (Princess Polonie) Signet Ring


Here is the 3d print of a signet ring we are currently helping a client design for their customer. The top pattern is a sketch that was supplied by their customer. We aren’t entirely sure what it is in reference to, but a quick search returns that the middle emblem and text is from a very old polish coin that would have been in circulation.

For the ring itself the top measures 24mm tall x 21 mm wide is just under 3mm thick.

We’ve sent images and measurements to our client for their customer to view. Currently we are working on the dimensions for the ring as they needed to be a good bit larger than what the customer originally wanted in order to fit everything onto the ring.

Their original measurements would have only allowed the center text and logo to fit. At the moment the thinnest letters are .2mm wide x 1.2mm tall. So not much room to go smaller.

If you are looking to have a signet ring custom made contact us today. We are more than happy to look over any sample images, sketches, or ideas.
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