3d Printed Custom Pi Kappa Phi Signet Ring

3d Printed Custom Pi Kappa Phi Signet Ring

Here is the 3d print for a Pi Kappa Phi signet ring we designed for a client. Their customer was wanting a custom made ring with a specific emblem at the center. Since we were just provided sample images, a rough sketch, and a brief idea of what the customer wanted the final ring to be. We aren’t 100% sure how the emblem relates to the customer, but usually when these two symbols are paired together it refers to knowledge, understanding, or academic excellence.

Overall the print came out great; still has some areas that still need to be cleaned. That and we are also going to be refining the details of the oil lamp and books by hand. However, the overall majority of the final details will be add in after the ring has been cast with bright cuts.

If you are looking to have a custom signet ring or class ring contact us today.

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