3d Printed 1995 All-Star Baseball Signet Ring

3d Printed 1995 All-Star Baseball Signet Ring

Here is the print of an All-Star 1995 baseball signet ring we custom made for a client’s customer. The ring is going to be cast in 14k yellow gold using their metal and each of the back drops are going to have blackened enamel added to really made the font pop once polished. We'll also be adding in a texture to the backdrop after casting. Which is why the print hasn't been filed smooth in certain areas. The type of texturing the customer wanted requires it to be added at the bench rather than digitally.

The ring itself measures 24mm x 24mm and the bowed or rounded edges give the overall square silhouette more of a presence while on the finger. Might be hard to tell from how the ring is being held but given the size of the top plate, we also added a slight cathedral style shank. This allows the ring to be more comfortable while being worn, by letting the fingers return to a neutral resting position. Rather than feeling like they are being dug into or pushed back by the ring.  It’s the little details that really come through in the final product that not many factor into the design.

If you are looking to have a custom signet ring made, designed, printed, or just cast contact us today.

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