3d Print of TSA Monogram Signet Ring

3d Print of TSA Monogram Signet Ring

Here is the 3d print for a TSA monogram signet ring we made for a client. Their customer was wanting signet ring that had the clarity and sharpness that comes from a 3d print, but still wanted that traditional monogram hand engraved look.

We sent over different several different layouts for their customer to pick from and this was the style they were looking for. Another detail we added to help give the appearance of the lettering being hand engraved is we V’d in the bottom of each letter. It’s hard to tell from the video given most some parts of the curves are only .3mm wide. But this will give that knife edge look that you get when carving out metal.

We’ll be casting this ring using their metal and currently are waiting for everything to be collected and shipped out.

If you are looking to have a monogram ring made using a specific font contact us today. 3D modeling and printing allows just about any font to be used. Width is the only factor so some of your more delicate texts might be too thin to be cast. But it’s a great way to get a more handmade-looking piece vs when it’s laser engraved onto the surface. That just never gets quite deep enough.

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