3d Print of Scalloped Halo Engagement Ring

3d Print of Scalloped Halo Engagement Ring

Here is another 3d print for a scalloped halo engagement ring we designed for a client. Their customer was wanting to use their diamonds and have a slimmer yet normal looking ring when viewed from a bird's eye view, but from the profile side they wanted it taller and thicker than what you’d typically find on an engagement ring.

It’s definitely a one of kind ring. The center halo sits about 8.5mm high from the inside of the finger. Which normally would be considered quite tall for a ring of this size. The smaller scrolls were added to give the ring some character and break up some of the chunkiness near the top of shank. Throughout the ring 19 diamonds are going to be set ranging from 3.5 mm down to 1.25mm.

Not a bad looking ring, but one that is specific to this customer’s personality. If you have a customer who is looking to have a custom engagement ring designed contact us today.

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