14k Yellow Gold Castings of Four Initial Rings

14k Yellow Gold Castings of Four Initial Rings

Here are 4 initial rings we designed for a client’s customer over in Texas. You can see each ring along the bottom, but each is shown off one by one in the video.

These were made to be Christmas gifts and were based off a font the customer found online. We aren't sure what the font was, we were just sent a screen shot of the all letters and were asked to make rings of the A, E, C, and M. They also had rough sketches of how they wanted to shanks to attach to the initials.

A few adjustments needed to be made for their original ideas, but overall the customer had a clear vision of what they wanted. Other than that the initials have an interweaving layout to them to help give each design depth and dimension. We also cast each ring using their 14k yellow gold and the casting came out great.

These have already been shipped out and will be a quick finish for our client’s jewelers.

If you are looking to have a ring or set of ring customer made feel free to contact us today.

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