14k White Gold Two Part Pendant Casting

14k White Gold Two Part Pendant Casting

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Here is the 14k white gold casting for the two part diamond pendant print we posted awhile back. We had shipped the print off and our client had been waiting on their customer to finalize the design. After the customer had picked out their stones and checked the fitting of the print, it was shipped back to us along with the customer’s metal that was used to cast the pendant.

Again, it’s a two part pendant where the smaller ring of diamonds will be attached under the bezel set baguettes and outline the center stone. It will also be able to swing freely while being worn, which was the customer's overall idea for the pendant.

The cast came out great and for this piece we didn’t do a lot of post clean up as we normally do so you’ll still see some layer lines and areas might look thicker.Since certain areas of the pendant are so thin we wanted to keep as much metal on the cast for their jeweler to have while setting. It looks more unfinished via the video than it actually is. For example the layer lines are so fine they’ll be removed instantly with one pass of the buffing wheel during polishing.

If you are looking to have something custom made or have a piece cast feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help!

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