14k White Gold Matching Diamond Wedding Band Castings

14k White Gold Matching Diamond Wedding Band Castings

Here are a pair of matching wedding bands we designed for a client’s customer. The customer was wanting the new bands to match as close as possible to their engagement ring. That meant using the same size round diamonds and baguettes along with how the side design was put together.

Only difference is that the two new bands will have a longer straight baguette set at the top near the center stone. The last clip is of the two side profiles next to each other and I’d say we were pretty spot on. There are very minor details that are different, like how the original ring’s opening were cut out by hand vs ours which was 3d modeled and printed.

However, something we always account for, is after the new bands are put through polishing, the buffing wheels will round out the surface a bit more and will look even closer to the original than they do now.

Other than that everything lined up perfectly. We’ve have already shipped this order back to our client, but they were very pleased with how close the bands matched. So I bet the customer is also going to be super happy.

If you have an engagement ring you’d like to have a band, or a pair of matching bands made to fit contact us today!


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