14k White Gold Cocktail Ring Casting

14k White Gold Cocktail Ring Casting

Here is the casting for a cocktail ring we designed for a client’s customer. This was cast using the customer’s 14k white gold and came out great. The diamonds are going to be the main focal point of the ring, so the rest of the mounting was kept simple show as little metal as possible.

We often say if you are looking to have something custom made to send over any images, sketches, or ideas. However that’s not always necessary, a picture of the stones and their measurements work just as well.

Which is what our client did for this and another order. The bottom image is the rough idea of how they wanted the stones to be set. You don’t always need to mail out anything to have a piece custom made. Say a customer doesn’t want to leave their jewelry all we really need is the measurements and an idea of what they are trying to create.

We try and make things as easy as possible for everyone. So if you’ve been looking for someone to create a custom piece for you or your customer contact us today!
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