14k White Gold Ballerina Ring Casting

14k White Gold Ballerina Ring Casting

Here is the 14k white gold casting of a ballerina ring we designed and made for a client over in Georgia. This style of ring has various levels as each stone is set on their own plane and the settings have a stair stepping pattern to them. It’s hard to tell from just the casting alone, but once the diamonds are set, the way the light will bounce between the stones will really show off this type of setting.

Throughout the ring 33 diamonds are going to be set ranging various sized round cuts and tapered baguettes.

This ring was also cast using their customers metal from our 3d print, which always helps them save money, but is also something not a lot of casting places know how to do correctly anymore.

Our part for the job is complete will send the casting and their diamonds back to our client for their jeweler to finish the ring. This client also sometimes sends images of their completed pieces, not all the time, but if they do we’ll post a follow up showing the final product.

For anything else feel free to reach out!

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