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14k White Gold Anniversary Ring Casting

14k White Gold Anniversary Ring Casting

Here is the 14k white gold casting of an anniversary band we designed for a client over in Texas. Their customer was looking to create a custom ring using their diamonds and metal, and came in with certain layout in mind. However over the course of the designing process the ring, the stone layout, and overall look was changed to what you see in the photo.

This is why we always send out full rendered images of our designs instead of screen shots or quick view-port renderings. It always helps the customers visualize their pieces and in orders like this one allows the customer to make changes in order to design what they truly wanted.

For this ring we just did the designing, modeling, printing, and casting. Our client’s jewelers will be setting the customer stones as they didn’t want to have them shipped out.

If you are looking to have a ring custom made feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help!

Use the link below to see a more in depth and closer look at the ring.

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