14k White Gold 3 Stone Setting Custom Made

14k White Gold 3 Stone Setting Custom Made

Not everything we custom make is highly detailed, or making that super unique of a kind design. Another whole side of custom making jewelry is actually to help customers repair or recreate the piece they already have that holds sentimental value to them.

Which is what you can see here. This is a 3 stone head that we designed for a client so that their customer could still use their original shank, but have the top settings updated.  While it’s not as flashy or stands out as much as a highly detailed piece, it’s still a core part of custom making jewelry and being able to help these customers is still rewarding in the same way.

If you have an older or worn down ring that you’d like to have updated feel free to contact us today. We are always more than happy to help and if we feel that someone else might be better suited for the order we can always point you in the right direction.

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