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High Cathedral Scroll Cross 3d Model

High Cathedral Scroll Cross 3d Model

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The model itself is hollow with only the rope patterns continuing through the center of the pendant. This was originally done to give the pendant support while printing, but we thought it looked pretty cool and gave the piece that something extra for those who view it up close, so we left them in. Once printed those inner rope patterns aren’t need and can easily but cut off. Each scroll and rope pattern measures about .7-.9mm wide. The pendant, including the bail, measures 47mm high by 30mm wide and is 8 and a half mm thick. The bail for the pendant will take up to a 3 and a half to 4mm wide chain.

For printing the model a high resolution and high micron printer would be recommended to print the pendant at its current size and detail. We would recommend around .2-.5 microns.

The model and easily be sized and scaled to be printed on a more traditional FDM style printed. Might look cool at 5 or 6 inches tall.

Included in the file is the pendant stl files.

If ordering customized changes to the piece please fill out the special instructions / comment section during checkout. Or contact us with your order number and the changes you would like to have made. Once the changes have been completed, updated images will be sent for you or your customer to view. If everything looks good a new file or print (which ever was ordered at checkout) will be delivered.

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